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Full Version: Brilliant strategy to reverse the Malaysian brain drain
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Many people lament the brain drain in Malaysia. It’s bad, and it’s getting worse. I’ve children of my own who could be part of the drain (err, that doesn’t sound quite right).

A brain drain sucks because when brains leave, they leave behind the no-brains. Being lighter, for not having any brains, no-brains rise to the top, displacing whatever brains are left. Like cream in milk. Or maybe scum in a pond. One of those.

Efforts have been made to stop the flow of brains leaving the country. This includes enticing Malaysians who’ve left to return through the “Malaysia My Second Home But Now My First” programme.

But none of these efforts have worked out. We brought back people by the hundreds, while we still lose people by the hundreds of thousands.

Some of the brain drain is a result of unavoidable geoeconomic reality. Rich countries steal the best talent from poorer countries. Look at the number who left India for greener pastures. If only they’d remained, India would … still be where it is today. Nothing would’ve changed.

It’s not just about holding on to the brains, but also giving them the environment to thrive. Otherwise, we’re just processing them like commodities for export to rich countries, but, unlike commodities, getting nothing back in return.

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