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Full Version: The Afghan policewoman facing abuse at work
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A BBC investigation has revealed widespread allegations of sexual harassment and abuse in the Afghan Police Force.

After months of research, the BBC has spoken to a number of women who say they were raped or assaulted by their superiors or colleagues. Human rights groups say the majority of the attacks go unreported.

Momena waived her anonymity to talk to the BBC about what happened to her. She is still working as a policewoman, although she has changed departments.

Hosna Jalil is no longer Deputy Interior Minister. She says she believes she was removed because she had been "a loud voice".

This report from the BBC’s Kawoon Khamoosh is part of the documentary Policing the Police in Afghanistan.

Source and Video: BBC[url=https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-asia-china-57314397][/url]