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Full Version: Selangor spared further water cuts, thanks to quick action in 2 new cases
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RAWANG: The Selangor government prevented fresh water disruptions by taking prompt action against pollution in two cases affecting the river basins of Sungai Selangor and Sungai Langat yesterday.

State executive councillor Hee Loy Sian said these two cases could have halted the operations of water treatment plants if the Selangor Water Management Authority (LUAS) and other agencies had not acted quickly.

He said one of the incidents involved the detection of odour pollution in Sungai Kundang, with a reading of 10 threshold odour number (TON) at 10.45am yesterday.

LUAS officers went to the area and found biodiesel materials in the river, he said.

Further investigations by LUAS and Air Selangor identified a company, operating in the Kundang Jaya industrial area, as the possible source.
LUAS issued a warning letter under Section 121(1) of the LUAS Enactment 1999 to the company to immediately halt effluent discharge and carry out cleaning activities.

He said LUAS used 300kg of activated carbon to contain the odour pollution. Samples were also taken from three locations along the river and sent to the Chemistry Department for analysis and further action.

Hee said the other incident involved a diesel oil spill in Tasik Putrajaya at about 9.35am yesterday, after a skid tank pipe burst underneath the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

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