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Full Version: Protect Yourself and Family From COVID 19 London Daily Report
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Protect Yourself and Family From COVID 19
Survival Home Remedies
Dr. Rifai - Panama City in Florida
Friends and Family, as Covid has become pandemic, I have taken this position today to show what we are doing in the ICU to help a lot of our patients. You look at my feet, knees and elbows. In this position.
We are now in a difficult situation. We are having a hard time delivering oxygen to our patients. We are truly having a hard time treating our patients with respiratory failure with ventilators.
What I showed you is one of the manoeuvres that will help you move oxygen into your lungs and move lung secretions. This position I showed you at the beginning of the video, will help you send oxygen to the lower part of the lungs.
Covid will attack the lower part of your lungs, seep out fluids that are thick as glue, which block the lungs and led to suffocation and respiratory failure. Many studies without a shadow of doubt have shown that the best way we can deliver oxygen as the ICU team, is to place patients in a position on their stomach, even the better position is what I showed you at the beginning of this video. Where you are on your hands, your knees then drop to your elbows, then drop your head down and breath in deep and cough. This is called proaning position. That position – search it on the internet. It is extremely effective in mobilizing all the gunk, glue like secretions, at the bottom of the lungs, which the bigger part of the lungs – so you can cough it up.
The hand washing don’t pick your nose, masks I s extremely essential. There are a lot of people talking about it. What I am talking about is from the heart of the intensive care unit. Yesterday was a sad day. We called it a dd. You hear about the D-day in world war II? This is a d day for our ICU team, a lot of deaths occurred yesterday in our hospital from Covid. It is not a joke and its not a hoax. I can tell you we are not fabricating the data.
You have doubts, you think we the doctors are fabricating the data? You are entitled to that thought. Call me, I will take you and show you how people are unnecessarily dying, because of this virus.
So to protect you if you get a lung complaint from Covid, lay on your stomach, as much as you can 8,10 hours a day. If you can be on your hands, knees and put your hands and knees and put your head down, so your back is going downward. What they call downward dark. You can drain your lungs. The way to liquify the secretions is to drink ginger and curcumin that is sweetened with natural honey. It will soften all the secretions and they will come out.
The reason we are seeing all these respiratory failures in the ICU is because the lungs are suffocated with gunk, thick like fluids and secretions and dead cells. So what we hope to do is move those and not trap them inside your lungs and form a glue or concrete that blocks your lungs but move them. Soften up the secretions with ginger and curcumin and sweeten with honey. Move them by lying on your stomach on even on your knees and elbows and put your head down. If you have a family member that knows how to protect themselves from being too close to you, let them do a bit of fine tapping on your chest to mobilize the secretions.
With this I hope you stay safe. Yes, I am Doctor Fifai. I am a Doctor here in Panama City in Florida. I care for patients with acute Covid in the intensive care unit at our hospital. Love you all stay safe. Share this because proaning saves lives.