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Full Version: Genetics may free a woman convicted of killing her 4 babies
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Genetics may free a woman convicted of killing her 4 babies and help other parents explain the unexplainable

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(CNN)Kathleen Folbigg has spent the past 18 years in prison for one of the most horrific crimes imaginable: killing all four of her babies.
But new scientific evidence suggests that's not what happened.

Genomic testing shows at least two of the Australian's babies likely died from a previously undiscovered genetic mutation that led to heart complications -- meaning she may have been wrongfully imprisoned for almost two decades.

The finding has prompted 90 scientists -- including two Australian Nobel Laureates -- to ask the governor of New South Wales to pardon Folbigg and let her walk free. If that happens, Folbigg's case will be one of the worst miscarriages of justice in Australian history.

The ramifications don't end there.

While scientists are still learning about the causes of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) -- an umbrella term for when children die suddenly from unexplained causes -- the findings in Folbigg's case may help other parents who are grieving the unexpected loss of their own children.

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